Month: November 2013

Just my luck!

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I get to work today and realise that I wasn’t supposed to come in… Me being a supper worry-wart and people pleaser landed me at work on my day off. I seriously need to diarise these things… I’d be in the Jozi CBD right now, bidding my two friends farewell before they leave me in this God-forsaken place for who knows how long.

So I’m here now and, like a good little worker bee, I get to doing my normal tasks. And on this particular day, my work seems like such a drag! The crappy bit is I will never get this day back… I will not be receiving a special day to replace this one… Nothing!




Victory dance!

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I’ve just had a moment of genius…

I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world, I’ve actually got a kind of phobia for all things tech, I’ve got into my head that a gadget will spontaneously combust the minute i touch it.


Experience has taught me that by merely looking at or even being near a desk top, smart phone, printer, or whatever, i have the unfortunate super power of making gadgets malfunction and go on the fritz.

However, like X-Men with super powers that hinder more than enhance their awesomeness, who have been cured of their mutant gene X, I too have been cured.

I just figured out how perform a task without asking for help. I actually did what most people do when trying to learn how software or an app works; i fiddled with it!

The fiddling worked, YAY!


The Brain Farts Too

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What’s this? A brain fart! An idea; natures way of ensuring life remains through growth and the undeterred quest for survival.

The literal fart; gastric gases that escape the intestines as a show of healthy and productive gastric and bowel movements, the brain fart must be my most favourite thing about being alive.

Why, you ask. Well… Ideas can be the most simple to the most complicated things we strive to make real. From mind to matter, creating the things born from my our imaginations has made the world we live in.

So let’s, one and all, celebrate our brain farts, bring them to life like those pungent smells that come loudly from our farthest orifice , or let them die like those silent stench-less winds that escape from our bottoms.

My mind farts too, and this short little note asserts that! 🙂 ??????????????????????????????????????