The Brain Farts Too

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What’s this? A brain fart! An idea; natures way of ensuring life remains through growth and the undeterred quest for survival.

The literal fart; gastric gases that escape the intestines as a show of healthy and productive gastric and bowel movements, the brain fart must be my most favourite thing about being alive.

Why, you ask. Well… Ideas can be the most simple to the most complicated things we strive to make real. From mind to matter, creating the things born from my our imaginations has made the world we live in.

So let’s, one and all, celebrate our brain farts, bring them to life like those pungent smells that come loudly from our farthest orifice , or let them die like those silent stench-less winds that escape from our bottoms.

My mind farts too, and this short little note asserts that! 🙂 ??????????????????????????????????????