Victory dance!

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I’ve just had a moment of genius…

I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world, I’ve actually got a kind of phobia for all things tech, I’ve got into my head that a gadget will spontaneously combust the minute i touch it.


Experience has taught me that by merely looking at or even being near a desk top, smart phone, printer, or whatever, i have the unfortunate super power of making gadgets malfunction and go on the fritz.

However, like X-Men with super powers that hinder more than enhance their awesomeness, who have been cured of their mutant gene X, I too have been cured.

I just figured out how perform a task without asking for help. I actually did what most people do when trying to learn how software or an app works; i fiddled with it!

The fiddling worked, YAY!