Party Pooper Moment!

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Party Pooper Moment!

The video on this link can be likened to the feeling I got when a lady who occupies the desk in front of mine told me to keep my yap shut at the office today. The shocker is, I was having a discussion with a colleague about an article in the paper… Whether or not the pictures are too graphic to post onto our social feeds…

This lady, turns around and, while we were in the middle of discussing the pro’s and con’s of posting the images, and says, “Sisi sorry, I’m trying to focus.” Like WTF!!!! I, unlike you, already am focused on the work I need to do. You just do you and i’ll do me!

I obviously failed to voice my opinion to her, choosing rather, to save myself from the humiliation of getting into a verbal match on who is or isn’t focused, with a senior (in age and by profession). I’m a woos… I know!

#Deflated 😦


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