Obama’s speech honouring Madiba #MandelaMemorial

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I’m too lazy to give my own blow-by-blow tweet up dates so I’ll blog bits of the parts that mattered to me.

One of my highlights of the event thus far, excluding the part where the crowd ‘booed’ our current ignoramus president (Jacob Zuma), has to be American President Barack Obama’s speech.

He spoke after UN Secretary General Bon Ki Moon who, though his words were comforting and kind, failed to evoke much emotion from me, or those present at the FNB Stadium.

Imagine my joy when, while perusing through tons of tweets, I found that I could have and keep Obama’s speech!

He is such an amazing public speaker, and his speech writers are beyond genius. (Mind you, all this has nothing to do with his ability as the leader of the ‘Free World’.)

So when you match the dazzling words of hope and inspiration that his speech writers come up with and Obrezzy’s natural talent to hold a crowd together… and you get magic moments.

So, follow the link retweeted onto my time line by SA hottie, Collin Moss, to get the Obamanator’s full speech. 

Ok so the original link is way too long, so took the liberty of shortening it.

Enjoy! 🙂