Words from His Imperial Majesty, Most High Selassie I Jah Rastafari!

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“There are many instances in my life where the belief in The Almighty and the Christian Faith have sustained me, times of troubles and difficulties. No matter what may befall a human being he can always succeed in overcoming it in time if he has the strength of faith and praise to God, for inevitably He comes to the assistance of those that believe in HIM and those that through their work live an exemplary life.
This goes not only for Christians in my view, but for all men. I think God communicates with those that find themselves in misfortune. In particular, when my country Ethiopia was invaded by aliens several years ago I was sustained in that period by my faith in God and in the abiding belief that justice, however it may take time, will ultimately prevail.
If I did not have faith in The Almighty and in His Righteousness and that justice inevitable prevails, then I would have lost hope and thus the interests of my country would have been ignored. Because I attempted to maintain my faith in HIM and because all Ethiopians maintained their faith in the ultimate goodness of the world and in the grand design that The Almighty has for all men in the world, we were able to victoriously re-enter our country and rid ourselves of evil forces.
If I did not have in my heart the love of God I don’t think I would have acted in a manner that I did. The love of God brings a sense of religiousness in a human being, it gives him comfort for the future and assurance that right cause will ultimately prevail.”

Emperor Haile Silasi
Emperor Haile Silasi

Emperor Haile Sellassie I the 1st.

It is this kind of faith  which wavers not for a man or demon, alien or pagan that sustains I. In and through the depths of my soul and spirit I believe that The Most High lives still in IinI ans in all Ites.

Jah bless one and all who live in faith.

Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI!