What I Would Tell You

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These are the words I would thought to say to my future child… While still in the womb, they were my daily prayer to and for her. Now that she is here, these are the words (though not mine but clearly from the same psyche as mine) she will hear from me.
You are the embodiment of greatness dear child. My love for you will forever last longer than eternity.


b165617c37bb5d01af7ee7a9b86c135aI spend many hours thinking of you,
my future child.
I sit and ponder the ways in which I will teach you,
and the words I will use to inspire you.
I spend many days thinking of you,
my future child,
and I wonder just what
the legacy I give to you
will be.

I would tell you to be brave.
I would tell you that courage does not always roar.
That sometimes, heroism is silent.
The world will be cold and distant,
and it will be up to you to make the decision
to move forward anyway.

I would tell you to be kind.
I would tell you that cruelty is easy,
and a habit easy to pick up.
Give to strangers, when you can,
hold doors open.
And when you see injustice,
whether through words or actions,
whether in a crowd or in a lonely alley,
showing your…

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