Literally constant…that is the concept

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The foundation of this concept is to get back to non-complex
It’s to return to the basics, making things literal
And that the core that is me
The light you will receive
I’m the gift to fulfill all your spiritual, physical aspects of the intellect
Respect to the minds who have seen before me
Now they’re intertwined with a realm of energy
Placing nature and humanity in perfect synergy
Yes, they exist in the restful moments of Earths motion
It’s deep, this notion, to ignorant souls it’s poison
Coursing through the former empty veins of the 3rd eye
It’s official, this shit is lethal
It takes away a side that’s born and destined to die
Giving birth to this being
A tear from the sky’s eye
I have a feeling it knows it’s blessed
And never forgets to see the importance of recognising that Jah bless
See this great mystery plaguing eternity’s century

By: Lithakazi Esethu Mhaga