In The Thickness Of Writers Block

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Writing, as much as i love and find solace in, does not come naturally to me. Which is very ironic considering I’m a journalist. Writing is one of the most painstakingly frustrating things I have to, no, need to do. If not for the advancement of my career, then, for me to maintain some semblance of sanity in an industry and world which tries, by all means, to drag crazy out from people.

When I think about it really, writing is not a very difficult thing but having something worthwhile to write about is. I’d hate to be one of those writers whose prose are nothing but a mixed up gibber-gabber of incoherent babble… Much like this here post is turning out to be.


I’ve hit a writers block.


Am I just lazy?

I am unequivocally stuck in this terrible flaccid state of thoughts and ideas. I hate it when I get like this, especially when I actually want to write. When I do not have to drag myself from the comforting excuse of being tired or not in the mood. Inspiration has very little to do with my writing, most days, but this particular occasion of writers block, or lack of inspiration is irritating.

For a person who willingly falls under the pressures of appearing and actually being intelligent; of substance and more than just another consumer of information, but more a devour-er of knowledge, this sucks!

Who am I kidding?

I’m such a glutton for all things popular that I often wonder why I even dare bracket myself together with scholastic types. For one, in as much as I advocate that one and all ought to get an education, I don’t really like ‘education’. What I mean is… in my mind, the term education is greatly linked with school; how people get educated, teachers, lecturers, and the like. And I do not particularly have warm fuzzies when thinking of such.

It’s not the information I have quarrels with, but the way that the imformation is imparted, or how I receive it. I can’t be sure. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Or maybe I hate the regularity at which all this information is shoved in your face… No questions directed to you the receiver as to whether or not you enjoy receiving this kind of information – does it create volcanic eruptions of enthusiasm and passion in you for it? Does it make you want to know more, learn more, mold your thinking into this kind of thing?

I’m pretty sure the one thing I hate most about ‘education’ is how your thinking is directed in a specific direction, and when your interest diverts from the set specification, you’re considered ‘unsuitable’ or ‘incompetent’. Good golly gosh! I’m babbling. Which works well for me really… I’d rather vent here than someone’s ear.

Hey, this here portal is meant to help relive my insanity, for my word vomit, for my entertainment, for my enlightenment.

But seriously though, for someone who has been told, a lot, that they ‘look smart,’ I’d like to sound smart. And actually be smart. So having nothing logical which to (by the standards I have gained, destroyed and built over the years) impress my opinions on is rather boring. And to think that this blog was mainly created to keep the boredom at bay, well, that and it keeps my rather shabby writing skills sharp enough to satisfy me.


Let me get back to work…