In Song – In Melody

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The spotlight is of no importance.

Where ever I stand becomes my stage,

and not for applause or shallow acceptance,

but for the release from emotion’s torrent and rage.

Eyes tightly shut, look into the openness of spirit.

Swelling tears held back only by high pitched screaming aches

and low purrs which growl and groan for peace, elusive.

In song I know no bounds.

No words left unsaid for they need not be said

No curse incantations, no spells, no wizardry needed

for my spirit holds captive itself and all who need healing.

In song I am captive to the life now living through the wind passing,

through chords of vocals, my throat

emits now the sound vibrating from a core unearthed,

dancing freely where I too can hear.

Melody I hear you

as loud as the thunder in weather stormy

You need no microphone or sound amplifiers.

You are as clear as the rain crashing on a corrugated iron roof

But still I don’t know where we first encountered each other

“I am,” you say.

Melody born from the depths of me unknown,

yet Melody, you are familiar

like the voice of the earth, like my mother’s voice when she gave birth to me,

like Gods song giving me life’s energy, like the Universe cleansing my spirits filth, dirt.

In song I am

In Melody I am

In Melody I am healed

In song I am healing