Well then… That’s all she wrote, I suppose.

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Today is exactly three months since I started my internship at this here newspaper, only a month before my contract expires. Me being the constant worry-wart I am, I insisted that my boss’ tell me if they plan on taking me on longer or letting me go.

Hey, I need to either start looking for a job now or celebrate the fact that I won’t, right?

Well, I got my answer… They’re letting me go. “The company’s under financial strain… Sales have gone down… Retrenchments of staff… We’re sorry,” they said.

At least they offered to write me a good reference letter.


Now would be the perfect time for me to go lay under a rock somewhere and contemplate how I’m going to survive this. Or I could just surf the net for other jobs… Prepare myself for a life homelessness… Or prostitution, which ever comes first.

I mean it took me two years after graduating to get this job! Where on earth am I going to get another one now?! I am beyond myself with worry and frustration. How am I supposed to help out back home? My mom needs her meds, my kid needs silly things like food and school supplies and shit.








Imma get back to work now. Before I get fired.