Fun things to do for Earth Hour

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Earth Hour will be observed across the globe this coming Saturday, March 29th, between 20:30 and 21:30. Thousands of people are expected to switch of their lights and sit in darkness for one hour, to symbolise humanity’s awareness of the effects human beings have on the planet, and to show the commitment people have to doing all they can fight and slow down climate change.

Power outages and being without lights is not uncommon to Mzansi, a clear sign of the strain the earth is experiencing where man’s need for energy are concerned. As inconvenient and boring as being without lights may be, there are a few fun things to do.

So whether you’ll be observing Earth Hour or if you find yourself in an involuntary darkness, here are a few suggestions of things to keep you entertained:

  1. Have candle light dinner with your spouse or partner. (Nothing says romance like a candle lit dinner for two. Combine that with a home cooked food and great conversation, and you have the makings of a great date.)
  2. Play card games with friends. (If you’re not a fan of card games, you could play other games like scrabble, or 30 seconds.)
  3. Make Shadow Puppets with your kids. (You could play out a shadow puppet play, making the story up as you go along. This will be great fun for kids.)
  4. Star Gazing (This one may prove a bit hard if you’re in an urban area but could make for a nice evening outside.)
  5.  Dancing (If you still have one of those battery operated radios, you can make it a fun evening… Quiz your kids or friends on fun facts about the radio or make up funny dances for laughs.)
  6. Eat together and Converse (Making a braai or cooking a potjie on a fire would be great start for this one.)
  7. Tell ghost stories (This will be fun for children and adults… Makes for great bonding time with loved ones.)
  8. Indoor Camping (This would be great fun with your kids or friends… while sitting together a conversation about conserving energy could spark up.)
  9. Read by candle light (If you live alone, nothing beats a good book and cup of tea.)
  10. Sit in silence (if there’s one thing there’s too little of, that’s moments of complete silence… When you can reflect and find the time to consider your goals and dreams.)