Month: April 2014

Throw backs

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Here are a few notes (short little poems really) that I published on my Facebook account about two years ago.

Inspired by my search for purpose, issues with love of family, self and the world, these are my fears and hopes together.

I’m not sure why, but while I was looking through them I thought they deserved a bit of rewrite and to be republished….



I carry within me those long gone

their insight and foresight,

stories long lost.

And meanwhile my ignorant arrogance,

induced by youth and followed by a playful innocence,

runs rampant and wild.

This, a story of a child born wild,

later tamed by the elements

and given wings by the elements.

Its elementary dear Watson.

This is how i am destined to be.



I felt it,

that stabbing pain plaguing you

It exerts itself whenever u relive those days when love was always.

I felt it,

that anxiety overwhelming you,

it can’t let u breath,you’re stuck beneath the memory of those days long lost,

when love was found.

I felt it then,

i feel it now,

someway, somehow you’ve left a trace of your once loving face

etched within myself.

I felt it then,

i feel it now,

that emptiness

It renders me powerless

and memory

won’t let me sleep.

And so tears flow, the years go by,

i still feel your awesome glow,

You still grow a complete stranger.

I felt it,

that fight in you,

that hero glue that’s stuck between us,

it still reveals us,

lets us see what’s happening underneath.

I felt it,

that magic that i saw in you…

so electric.

And so I mimic the wonderment you let me see,

hope it brings a closeness to we

but still u were never here.

U grow a complete stranger…

To me.

Sometimes i wish i’d never known u,

that way my love would be mine and mine alone.

Sometimes i wish I could forget you…

let me be without foolish memories,

but still they live,

as u do.

And will forever remain

a complete stranger to me

my complete stranger.



Soldiers walk this ground here.

Age is no divide,

generations side by side.

Spirits aligned to an end defined.

Defeat the enemy,

erase the threat.

What to do when the enemy is you?

Will you gut the side bringing destruction to you?

So morns the deaths,

your sister’s last breath.

But be sure soldier,

your mission you must complete.


What you fight reflects you,

what you praise reflects you

But what is it you call you?

Come now soldier,

arm yourself for the battle field.



“Do as I say not as I do,” that’s me and you, you know it too.

But you forget an important fact, “copy cat copy cat” so learning goes.

From actions seen and stories told.

Chest puffed up big, pride spread on thick.

I’ll fight and die to get my way…

Street smarts, yes, home grown, yes.

Anarchy in perfect order, that’s how we live with order.

Trust, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Bound – binding

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Bound, binding, bound, binding

Stringed together by the events occurring

as life unfolds

It’s delicate; self and beauty

Like petals bound perfectly to the buds stem

Strung tightly

In the looseness of it all

It being the rise and fall

of yellow sunsets and orange moons

The stars and skies; a perfect blue

Binding natures call singing in my ear

then thoughts, all linked, return to the place

Tied, bound, binding

Tightly, snugly

All about we

Feeling the shifts of gravity

while strung together silently, we

Scream and gleam

At how the whole ends,

none become cracked

This fragile shell’s strength embodied in in this small string winding carelessly

Weaving magic majestically

Keeping strength and holding on

Ensuring harm comes not to us, not at all

Small string, bound, binding now

the parts of we that secretly stray

Loosing grip, finding nowhere

String around now bound, binding

Keeping strong

Long binding string


By: Lithakazi Mhaga

Colours all round

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While researching for a feature I’m working on about colour therapy I found out that colours have meanings. Because they are light (and the Sun is light), and like all other things, light emits vibrations. Each colour has its own vibration, and so thus it heals through the very same vibration that it is comprised of.

More than that, I found out that each colour has meaning and certain chakra that is linked to.

Which made me think then, what does my favourite colour say about me, and what yours say about you?

Generally speaking, colours have been proven to alter mood and improve physical health.

Purely because I’m currently a bit too tied up to elaborate, here’s a link to site that shed a bit more light on the subject for me:

But still, what was even more interesting was finding out that healing through the use of colour is an ancient technique rooting from ancient Egypt. Other civilizations are known to have used this kind of ‘alternative’ healing, such as those of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria and so on….

With that said, speaking to a colour therapist and finding out more on the subject made me think, why is my favourite colour purple? I know that since the first time i was introduced to a box of wax crayons, the big fat purple wax stick was always my favourite. I loved purple so much that when I was old enough to have my own room and my mom was repainting the house, I begged her to have my walls painted in lilac. She found this a bit baffling because it clashed with her green colour scheme completely. (all the walls in our house are green by the way. Which is not a bad colour choice considering green is said to be “a great souce of rejuvenating you life energies.”)

My mom took my purple craze to another level when she bought me matching lilac bed linen and complimentary curtaining. I was over joyed! And I still because even though I don’t live at home anymore, my mum still repainted my room (which is now my daughter’s room) in a shade of my favourite colour.

I’m wearing purple right now, that’s how much i love it.

So what is it about my colour?

Well, apparently wearing purple means “… you want to be noticed.”

That’s not so far off… I’m a Leo, being noticed is my thang 🙂

But more than that, the colour purple is linked to enlightenment, creativity and ideas. Where purple or violet auras are concerned (and I’ve a purple aura most of the time. Don’t ask me how i know… I just do.), it deals with “healing, cleansing and soothing the soul.”

And if we take it to chakras, the crown chakra (violet or purple) is associated with the ” pituitary gland and the thalamus. These glands control the central nervous system, and they are located in the center of the brain.” This chakra ” is the seat of higher consciousness and the master chakra of the body.”

Now don’t I feel special for loving the colour purple. And to think for longest time I felt weird for liking, no, loving it as much as I do.