Bound – binding

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Bound, binding, bound, binding

Stringed together by the events occurring

as life unfolds

It’s delicate; self and beauty

Like petals bound perfectly to the buds stem

Strung tightly

In the looseness of it all

It being the rise and fall

of yellow sunsets and orange moons

The stars and skies; a perfect blue

Binding natures call singing in my ear

then thoughts, all linked, return to the place

Tied, bound, binding

Tightly, snugly

All about we

Feeling the shifts of gravity

while strung together silently, we

Scream and gleam

At how the whole ends,

none become cracked

This fragile shell’s strength embodied in in this small string winding carelessly

Weaving magic majestically

Keeping strength and holding on

Ensuring harm comes not to us, not at all

Small string, bound, binding now

the parts of we that secretly stray

Loosing grip, finding nowhere

String around now bound, binding

Keeping strong

Long binding string


By: Lithakazi Mhaga