Breathe, lay back #MemoToSelf

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Often, I panic about everything. Not to say I’m an anxious person, and I’ve never had a panic attack or anything, but I manage to make mountains out of ant hills with great ease.

Today should have been one such day, where I’d panic first and rationalize later. But I didn’t. I’m so proud.

What possibly could have been the catalyst to my non-panic? Let’s see… Well, I had no money to get to work today (basic story-line to any broke persons life), then I almost missed the bus (after I managed to get taxi fare from a friend) and finally, someone pick-pocketed my phone off of me in the bus this morning.

Normally, I would have blown a gasket and it’s babies, but today I kept calm and collected. Surprising reaction, really, it was.

So now I’m here,thinking of ways to acquire a new phone, do a sim swap, get back my lost contacts, etc. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to tackle all that just yet… Me being at work kinda has much to do with my lack of creativity, but hey… That’s alright though. Right?

I’ve long been trying to adopt a more relaxed, more centered sense of self and the world around me. I’m glad it finally kicked in. I mean, I’m a far cry from Zen but I’m on my way there. Awesomeness!

I just gotta remember to breathe and lay back, anytime, anywhere. It all begins in the mind, then the rest of you follows through.