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“A beautiful Nubian Queen.”
A stranger called me
Light skinned – golden yellow
Ruby red rouge and curved eye lashes
Long black weave on hair and a smile like magic
And she called me
No greetings passed between us
There was no time
Walking out into the parking lot, was I
And she, talking to a friend on her cellular phone
While my eyes searched for a shaded area, where I could enjoy a smoke in my peace
The loud screech of her voice startled me
“Oh-my-gawd, chomi! I just saw a beautiful Nubian Queen. She just walked passed me.”
I stopped in my tracks, befuddled to say the least
In my shame, all I could mutter was “Thank you”
Avoiding all eye contact
Compliments like this are not new to my ears
But hers was like a miracle
It reminded me what I – today –  chose to forget
And as we went our separate ways
She, on the phone with the stranger who now knew of me
And I, under the trees, to puff a bit of calm in me
I remembered her miracle
And in turn I found true beauty in nature…





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    johncoyote said:
    December 10, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Beautiful photos and amazing poetry. Thank you.

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