When looking at me

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When looking at me I see

Flab everywhere



Big front teeth

Gap-tooth to boot

Flat ass

Big gut

Jiggly giggles and floppy dance moves

I love what I see


Keep your hate to yourself.





While the practical exam was in session…

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That NABI swag


Candle lit film reviews


In the haze



Perception counts

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It dawned on me, finally, that in order for my world to change I have to alter my perception of it.


My vision may be blurry, and my path unclear, but I can still see beauty I’ve conquered.


They skies will open up for me and I will soar.

When the only choice you have is ‘You don’t have a choice!”

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Double the colours - double the blessings
Rainbows and more rainbows

Just when I’m about to give up, my guardian angel sent messages of hope to me.

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you your heart’s desires.

So onward I go.

Never say die

Love and Light give guidance.


I know I’m blessed.


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Let’s Talk About Class, Taste, and Gender

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This made me thing about my taste, my place in the world of class and whether or not I ought to give a f**k. Well written and well received.


Posh man: I ain't one Posh man: I ain’t one

Recently, I found myself at a wine-tasting session with a friend, only to be confronted with the embarrassing reality that I had no idea how to act “appropriately” in the situation. The whole thing wasn’t helped by the fact that I was wearing an outfit much like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman, as I sometimes care to do (it’s a great look). Trying to “be myself” rather than affect a more refined countenance turned out to be quite the faux pas in terms of the disdainful/pitying/embarrassed looks I got from other patrons. While on the one hand I was rather “f*** you” about it, it also later resulted in me crying into my pillow.

Ladette to Lady: teaching us how not to be working class Ladette to Lady: teaching us how not to be working class

Later, I came across this article about the UK’s Education Secretary Michael Gove, and his comments that

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