When looking at me

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When looking at me I see

Flab everywhere



Big front teeth

Gap-tooth to boot

Flat ass

Big gut

Jiggly giggles and floppy dance moves

I love what I see


Keep your hate to yourself.





Shameless slothful and loving it

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I spent today in my old boxers and a grimy T-shirt with rib sauce, salad dressing and cooking oil stains. (My lazy days are my favourite.)

Suffice to say, i ‘be not bathed and though the house and baby girl finally got clean,  I – like a pig in its pen – am happily dirty. My filth is my friend and we’re bonding.

I’m no lady, I’m no germophobe and I’m in no hurry to correct that either.

So here’s to all the sloths out there, enjoying a lazy day in their own odours and juices.


I dub today SLOTH Saturday 🙂

When the only choice you have is ‘You don’t have a choice!”

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Double the colours - double the blessings
Rainbows and more rainbows

Just when I’m about to give up, my guardian angel sent messages of hope to me.

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you your heart’s desires.

So onward I go.

Never say die

Love and Light give guidance.


I know I’m blessed.

DJs and me days

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The wall is music
And I, the vine
Without it I cannot stand
Without me it loses its purpose.
DJs mellow my days.
Producers lead the way
That instrumentalists long ago paved
For vocals in melodious lyric.
Then in an instant
Reversed we are
The wall and the vine
Now creations shrine
Praising and praised
We are Divine.

Picture & poem by Lithakazi